I am a Software developer working from Ghana, with interest in backend development and DevOps. I also have interests in Software Architecture and, Machine learning, particularly Natural language Processing(NLP).

I work with NodeJS, Go, Flutter and Javascript. I work with Google Cloud Platform for personal projects.

My interest in DevOps and Software Architecture grows as I work on projects and because there is a need for it. I try to improve my knowledge of them as I work on more projects. I think one effective way to learn is through practice. I'm looking forward to getting better at them.

Also, I am fascinated with teaching a machine to understand human language. Also, I like solving problems that affect me directly and indirectly. That's another reason I took an interest in NLP. I want to apply NLP to my native language so people I know can navigate the internet in my native language (Dagbanli).

I am a DJ sometimes(not as often as I would like).

Feel free to send me an email at abdul.iddris13@gmail.com.